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First Kiss Affiliate Contest!
February 10 - 25, 2023
$10,000 First Prize
$Tens of Thousands in Affiliate Prizes
Two Fabulous Funnels to Promote
Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2023, from your friends at EFT Universe!

Please join us in remembering the thrill of your first kiss, and the delight of connecting with others.

We have two funnels stuffed with goodies that your subscribers will love.

Both begin with a free offer, and both have high-converting upsell funnels optimized to bring you commissions.
 To participate, promote either funnel any time between February 10 and 25. When your people click and purchase, you’ll get a 50% commission, and see your name rise on the leaderboard.

Not only that, but you’ll be eligible for a SECOND and HUGE payout after our April Ultimate EFT Certification launch. You’ll earn an extra $1,000 per sale for anyone cookied to you during the affiliate contest! Last launch our top affiliate earned $41,000 this way.

And that’s automatic. You get these bonus commissions without even mailing for EFT Universe again!

 Swipe copy is optimized for targeted audiences, including: 
Meditation and Mindfulness practitioners
Law of Attraction followers
Neuroscience junkies
People in Fear because of the current global upheavals
Those seeking exponential Business Productivity growth
Seekers of Transcendent Mystical States
Peak Performers seeking advanced “flow” states
Natural Health enthusiasts
Mail More Than Once!
We recommend at least 3x. Use swipes aimed at different segments of your audience. That way you’ll climb the leaderboard fastest.
First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Fourth Prize
Fifth Prize
Additional prizes for affiliates bringing in 1,000 or more clicks!
How to Participate
Sign Up
Sign up as an affiliate here. If you already have an account, log in.
Review and agree to the terms and conditions of our affiliate center and site.
Customize your swipes. The more personal, the better your peeps will relate, and the higher your conversions.
Check the leaderboard often, and keep mailing!
I am so grateful for you supporting us in our mission of bringing inner peace and peak states to millions of people!
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