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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I located my affiliate link?
A:  Step 1: Log-in to the EFT Universe Affiliate Marketing Center.
Step 2: Once you successfully log-in, Use the  drop down menu to the right of "Products to Promote" to select the program you wish to promote.

Step 3: Your affiliate link will look a lot like this (do not use my affiliate link or you will not get credit for the sale, this is only an example. The orid is your referral id and the opid is the product id.
Step 4: Use your affiliate code along with your swipe copy, and social media banners, which you can find in the affiliate center under the product you are sending, you will also have product details in the welcome email you received after you signed up to be an affiliate.

Q: If I am only able to mail a single time, which link should I use?
A:  We recommend that you always send visitors to a free opt-in page so they experience what EFT Universe has to offer and earn their trust before they purchase a certification program with significant investment. Depending on what is most relevant to your community, we recommend either the 21 Day Tapping Challenge or the Thoughts to Things Program.

Q: What happens when people click on my affiliate link while the program is in between launches?
A:  During registration closed cycles, any visitors to the opt-in page will still be added to our waiting list where they’ll be notified when the next registration window opens. This works well if you are posting an ongoing graphic banner on your site or if people come across your link AFTER the registration closes. Please note that we approximately every 6 months, Spring and Fall.

Q: Can I send people to any EFT Universe link and still get credit for purchases?
A:  Only if your referral is their last visit, then your referrer will be cookied for the next 6 months and any purchases will be attributed to you. We highly recommend that you send your traffic to a specific recommended opt in page where they sign up for a free program and will be pushed to sign up for one of our programs at a later time.

Therefore, we highly recommend sending people directly to the opt-in page using the instructions above to locate that link .  This makes them your "lead" and gets them into the sales/marketing funnel which warms them up for a purchase during the next launch cycle.