21 Day Walk with Your Higher Power
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21-Day Transformation Challenge
Discover Your Peak States of Consciousness
Tapping Into Your Higher Power
Unlock Your Peak Potential
21 Day Tapping Immersion
Tapping and Meditation Program
21 Day Transformation Challenge

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Learn how to apply the science of peak mental states to find infinite, love, wisdom, peace and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. Join award-winning science author Dawson Church, PhD in a this 21-day program that combines ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience through a series of meditations, journal prompts and daily exercises. Enroll for only $199 by December 7 to get started on your journey toward self-discovery and transformation. It only takes a few minutes a day!

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Peak States of Consciousness
Your highest needs

Dear Friend,

One of the most famous images in psychological history is Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

At the bottom is survival. At the top is self-actualization.

Where are you today? Are you struggling just to get your basic needs of safety and security met? Or are you living at the top of the mountain?

On the mountaintop you’re in an elevated state of consciousness. Each day you’re joyfully living your full potential.

My friend Dawson Church, PhD, is one of the most famous researchers in psychology. He’s created a course to take you to the mountaintop. It’s called a 21 Day Walk With Your Higher Power.

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Why focus on your Higher Power?

Because when you connect with something which is greater than yourself, you access a source of guidance and inspiration that lifts your consciousness to the top of the mountain.

Robert Keegan, former head of adult development at Harvard University, called it “making the subject-object shift.” That’s when you see your life from the mountaintop rather than the plain. Keegan regards this shift as the single greatest accelerator of human development that exists.

Research shows that a 21 Day Walk With Your Higher Power results in an average boost in long-term happiness of 17%. People’s sense of connection with a reality larger than themselves goes up by 22%.

For your journey to the mountaintop, join Dawson here [Your affiliate link]

[Your signature]
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Seeing Your Life from a Higher Perspective
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Peak States of Consciousness
Don’t miss ecstasy!

Dear Friend

"This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet." ~ Rumi

"A fiery light, flashing intensely, came from the open vault of heaven and poured through my whole brain. Like a flame that is hot without burning it kindled all my heart and all my breast." ~ Hildegard of Bingen

“Forget the self and you will fear nothing ... our lot in life is to ... be hurled into inconceivable new worlds.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

Wow! What astonishing experiences!

People like these were in peak states of consciousness, and their wisdom echoes across the centuries to inspire us today.

Today’s scientists, using advanced brain imaging tools like MRIs and EEGs, have put people who are in extraordinary states of consciousness – today’s Rumis and Hildegards – into scanners to see what's happening inside their brains.

They’ve been able to create a map of how the brains of people in peak states are functioning. By reverse engineering the process every-day people can now train to attain these extraordinary states.

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That’s the place where you become aware of something greater than yourself. Where you meet your Higher Power.

Legendary researcher, Dr. Dawson Church, has built these practices into a course called a 21 Day Walk With Your Higher Power. Step by step, it trains your brain for ecstatic states.

Wouldn’t you like to feel as inspired as Rumi or Hildegard or Carlos Castaneda every day?

Join Dr. Church here [Your affiliate link] to find your own extraordinary state!

[Your signature]
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Productivity & Training Your Mind
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Hi Friend,

I remember when I first became interested in spirituality. I went and sat at the feet of every prominent guru who came through town. I met many of their followers.
And I was turned off.

Many of these “spiritual” people were hopeless in their daily lives. Sure, they may have acted enlightened, but their heads were in the clouds. They often tripped over their feet when it came to relationships, money, integrity and organization.

How can you bring spirituality down to earth? How do you make it practical and meaningful in everyday life?

That’s the question that scientists are asking now. My friend Dawson Church, PhD, has been involved in over 100 clinical trials.

Dawson has now created a new course that combines ancient teachings with modern neuroscience. It’s called a 21 Day Walk With Your Higher Power.

Statisticians have been measuring the productivity of people who complete Dawson’s course. It goes through the roof.

Their professional performance, measured in dimensions like burnout and productivity, went up 20% after the 21 days, and was even higher – 26% – three months later.

Just imagine: take this course, and in 3 weeks, you’re accomplishing in 3 days what used to take you 4. It’s like getting an extra day each week! That’s the magic of working daily with your Higher Power.

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Long-term, their happiness increased by 17%, and their sense of connection with a larger reality went up by 22%.

Find out more about A 21 Day Walk With Your Higher Power here. [Your affiliate link] Make this your most productive year ever with the help of your Higher Power.

To your infinite happiness!

[Your signature]
Summary of Topics:

Day 1: Preparing Your Mind
Day 2: Preparing Your Heart
Day 3: Preparing Your Body
Day 4: Understanding the Process
Day 5: Honoring the Teachers
Day 6: You’ve Been Guided Since Birth
Day 7: Images of Grace
Day 8: Recognizing Obstacles
Day 9: Releasing Obstacles
Day 10: Instant Redirect
Day 11: Calling In Your Higher Power
Day 12: Immersion In the Glimpse
Day 13: Your Physical Signal
Day 14: The Four Periods of Remembrance
Day 15: Patience With the Process
Day 16: The Personal Peace Procedure
Day 17: Gratitude and Compassion
Day 18: Intensifying Longing
Day 19: Highest Possible Vibration
Day 20: For Just This Moment
Day 21: Your Next Steps

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