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  • Turn Your Love for Healing Into a Great Career
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  • Do Work That’s Aligned with Your Values
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Hi {First Name},

I’m soooo excited because I’ve got something really special to share with you today.

It’s from my close friend (and one of my favorite human beings), Dr. Dawson Church.

Dawson is one the world’s leading experts on EFT tapping. EFT tapping is one of the fastest growing fields and it’s possibly THE MOST FULFILLING.

As an EFT practitioner myself, I can tell you there’s nothing more rewarding than helping others overcome their pain, suffering and traumas.

It’s time to ask yourself some challenging questions.
Are you sick and tired of doing work that doesn’t satisfy your soul?
When you think of staying on your current path for the next 10 years, what does your body tell you?
What does it cost you to continue doing work that’s not aligned with your values?

If you are ready to follow your passion for wellness and start a career aligned with your life path, I’ve got great news!

EFT Universe’s Ultimate EFT Certification program opens for enrollment on April 15th. It teaches you Clinical EFT, the evidence-based method validated in over 100 clinical trials.

You get instruction from the world’s top experts, a virtual college learning system, and personalized one-on-one mentoring in becoming an excellent practitioner.

You don’t just learn state-of-the-art energy healing skills. Certification positions you for success in one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. As soon as you complete your certification, you can step  into a ready-made career.

There is no other program in the world like the Ultimate EFT Certification. It brings together the most advanced energy healing techniques validated by science. Plus, research shows that certification workshops produce remarkable upgrades in your health, immunity, and happiness. Can you see why I’m so excited!?

Check out the full details here. Enrollment ends May 1st.

With hope and excitement for your new healing career,

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Hi {First Name},

There are a thousand reasons to become a certified EFT practitioner — from the joy that comes from seeing people heal — to the life-work balance you create — to the great income you can earn — to being master of your own calendar.

Speaking from my experience of tapping with others, there is nothing more rewarding than tapping with clients who’ve been stuck for years — and witnessing them breaking through their barriers to happiness and success.

The best part of being an EFT Practitioner? This is what you experience on a daily basis — many times a day.

These experiences of heart-to-heart connection are priceless. Your clients find meaning and joy as you work with them, and so do you.

As you give, so you receive. Clients are delighted to pay certified practitioners $100 an hour or more for their expertise.

If you’d like to serve others in this way, and make a great living in the process, check out the details of the Ultimate EFT Certification Program here.

Admissions Advisors are standing by to answer your questions. There’s no pressure to sign up — if the program is right for you, your heart will tell you.

Enrollment for the Ultimate EFT Certification program ends Sunday, April 28th at midnight.

If your heart has been calling you to share your gifts with others, but you still have questions about certification, please schedule a call with an Admissions Advisor today.

Dedicated to unlocking your full potential,
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P.S. If money is tight, no problem. You can finance your certification for only $459/month. Schedule a call with an Admissions Advisor today or click here to enroll.

P.P.S. You’ll also get access to our exclusive community of “Heartful Healers.” You’ll connect and build friendships with other heart-centered practitioners who want to help others and earn a great living. It’s a very special community and it’s yours with enrollment.
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What would your life look like if you could master an ancient wellness technique that helped people heal from stress and trauma in MINUTES? … AND you enjoyed a steady stream of clients as you worked from the comfort of your own home?

Award-winning scientist Dawson Church, PhD, is the author of The EFT Manual. He has dedicated his life to bringing the healing benefits of EFT tapping to the greatest number of people possible—and that includes you!

Click the link below to find out how you can enjoy the satisfaction of helping others heal—while making a great living working from home!

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