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Our Generous Commission Structure

An overview of how we work with affiliates

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We pay you affiliate commissions on our state-of-the-art online tapping courses. These cover popular topics such as weight loss, relationships, first aid, health, and Clinical EFT certification. Some are evergreen, such as EFT for First Aid. Others are launched three times a year, such as Naturally Thin You and Tapping Deep Intimacy. We pay you commissions on every eligible product purchased by visitors who originate from your site for 6 months from the date of referral.

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We use Ontraport for checkout, affiliate tracking, referral codes, coupon codes, etc...

Commission Structure

Skinny Genes $197 50% $98.50
Genie in Your Genes $297 50% $148.50
Tapping Deep Intimacy $297 50% $148.50
FibroClear $297 50% $148.50
Ultimate EFT Tapping Course $297 50% $148.50
21 Day Tapping Challenge $25 50% $12.50
Science of Overcoming Insomnia Course $29 50% $14.50
10 Days to Anxiety Release Course $28 50% $14.00
Thoughts to Things Course $27 50% $13.50
EFT Essentials Course $27 50% $13.50
Master Manifestors Club $17 (per month) 50% $8.50 (per month)
Ultimate EFT Certification Program $3999 25% $1000.00
EFT Universe Certification Application $300 50% $100.00
EFT Universe Practitioners Exam $99 50% $49.50
Ethics Exam $99 50% $49.50
Psychological Trauma Exam $99 50% $49.50
EFT Universe Practitioners Final Fee $415 50% $207.50
Energy Psychology Certification Program $4,000-$7,000 30% $1,200-$2,100
EFT Experiential Workshop (VIRTUAL $299 20% $99.67
EFT Practice Intensive Workshop (VIRTUAL) $395 20% $59.80
EFT Professional Skills Workshop $795 20% $159.00
EFT Video Training Modules (1-16) $20 per 50% $10.00 per
Various downloadable e-books $10.00 50% $5.00 per
Various Energy Psychology Journal Articles $19.95 50% $9.98 per


*EFT Universe offers hundreds of workshops each year. You earn commission on workshops taught by EFT Universe employees for which the registration is managed by EFT Universe, but not on those taught by contractors, since they manage their own registrations independent of the EFT Universe web site.

*NOTE We offer a 14-day refund guarantee on all non-certification, web-based products orders so JV payouts are typically made 45 days after Cart Close for each launch.

Affiliate payments are made by the 15th every other month. January (payments for October and November), March (payments for December/January), May (payments for February/March), July (payments for April/May), September (payments for June/July) November (payments for August/September). Payments will only be made when the commission amount is over $100