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Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions are answered here

Q. How do I locate my Affiliate Link?

1. Log-in to the EFTJV.com Affiliate Marketing Center and locate your default affiliate link.

(if you don't remember your password, just fill out "lost your password" and we'll email it over to you.)

2. Once inside go to the "Promotional Tools"' tab, you'll then see a screen that looks like this:

3. Use the drop-down menu next to the words "Products to promote" to select the program you wish to promote

4. Your default affiliate link looks like this, but DON'T use this one, it's just an example:

5. You will find your swipe copy and social media banners in the affiliate center. Also feel free to write your own copy using the key points from the swipe copy.

Q. If I am only able to mail a single time, which link should I use?

We recommend that you always send visitors to the opt-in page so they can watch the video content piece. During a launch cycle, you can send to that link on either suggested mailing day (or in between). Your visitors will be able to opt-in to watch the video and we will then invite them to attend the live call and also send them the replay & take them through the funnel.

Q. What happens when people click on my affiliate link while the program is in between launches?

During registration closed cycles, any visitors to the opt-in page will still be able to watch the video anytime plus have the option of joining a waiting list where they’ll be invited to the next live call and notified when the next registration window opens. This works well if you are posting an ongoing graphic banner on your site or if people come across your link AFTER the registration closes.

Q: Can I send people to the main EFTUniverse link and still get credit for purchases?

If your referral is their first visit, then you will receive the cookie into the shopping cart for any future purchases be it EFT Universe products.  However, people may not easily find the main site from going through the EFTU home page link.  We use the subdomain to direct people to that information.

Therefore, we highly recommend sending people directly to the opt-in page using the instructions above to locate that link .  This makes them your "lead" and gets them into the sales/marketing funnel which warms them up for a purchase during the next launch cycle.

Q: Do my subscribers have to opt-in everytime they go to watch the video more than once?

NO, it automatically bypasses the optin page (unless they have erased cookies) and goes right to the content. Which is designed so that people won’t need to re-enter to watch multiple times.

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